Hi there,

My name is Marina, I’m a software developer focusing on development for Apple platforms, living in Copenhagen. I’ve been in tech for almost 15 years. Working with Apple platforms since 2011, leading teams and building apps & SDKs.

I’m a Unix geek turned Apple nerd 🤓 Topics I care about include privacy, equal opportunity, and climate change 💚

Besides offering consulting services, you can find me curating  iOS Code Review newsletter, building Away for Twitter app, and co-organizing Copenhagen Cocoa meetups.

My latest 9-to-5 adventure was leading the iOS team at Storytel for 4 years, supporting company’s growth from a small startup to a 500-person company. I’ve also built B2B products at Citrix/GetGo, led consumer app development at PrimeApp and built apps for over a dozen of companies at Russia’s largest agency iD East. I’ve also maintained and ran the iOS efforts of open-source Say Their Names project ✊🏽. My CV and references can be found on LinkedIn.

I’ve recently been interviewed on AppForce1 podcast - check it out if you’re curious about my journey.

I occasionally speak at meetups/conferences and host workshops. Here’s the list of my past and future speaking engagements:

🎙 Bug-Free by Design: Crafting Swift Code That Never Stings @ NSSpain, Sept 2023 - see you there!

🎙 Protecting your app from malicious code in a third party library @ Mobile DevOps Summit, Nov 2022 | Video

🎙 Demystifying SwiftUI previews @ CopenhagenCocoa, March 2022 | not recorded, Slides

🎙 Take monitoring of your mobile apps to the next level @ Bitrise Webinars, May 2021 | Video

🎙 Detail-oriented UI with Layout Margins @ NSSpain 2019 | Video, Slides, Code on Github

👩‍💻 Collection Views - Diffable Data Sources and Compositional Layout @ Swift Island 2019, voted the best conference of the year | Slides, Code on Github

🎙 Detail-oriented UI with Layout Margins @ CopenhagenCocoa, May 2019 | not recorded, Slides

🎙 Flow Coordinators IRL @ CopenhagenCocoa, March 2017 | not recorded, Slides

🎙 SaaS: SDK as a Service @ CopenhagenCocoa, Feb 2016 | not recorded, Slides

If you would like to invite me to speak at a conference or write a guest blog post, reach out via email: hello@hybridcattt.com.

I’m always open to chat about building products and helping engineers & teams grow. Drop a line on Twitter or via email: hello@hybridcattt.com.

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